Rising to prominence over the past few years through an undoubted musical versatility, Man Power has been heard via ESP Institute, Hivern Discs, Infine, Ene Japan, Permanant Vacaction and Throne of Blood.

Last year, his critically acclaimed on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant led to several Artist of the Year accolades, while also holding residencies at Monterrey’s Topaz Deluxe and Mexico City’s MN Roy. In addition to holding these Mexico-based residencies, Man Power’s past few months have also seen him throw down at the likes of Panorama Bar and Glastonbury, as well as gigs from Japan to New York, Tel Aviv and the Middle East, to our very own DHA stage at 2016 Snowbombing.

On December 9, Man Power is set to release his second track off his own Me Me Me label, which is the return of his first project Last Waltz. Featuring himself and Lee Forster (Lizards) and Mick Rolfe (The Great Curve), Last Waltz have released on labels including Futureboogie, Endless Flight, Tusk Wax, Lets Play House, Is It Balearic, and many more. Now, after a two year break from producing, the trio is back (with a little help from Red Axes and Naduve) with their most cohesive and impressive output to date.

Celebrating the upcoming release, we asked Man Power to put together a Spotify playlist featuring a diverse array of influences, both for the EP and for his musical approach. Well, he didn’t disappoint! Check out the playlist below and tell us what you think!

Red Axes & Naduve remix Last Waltz on Man Power’s Me Me Me out 9th Dec. PRE ORDER

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