As a producer, singer and DJ, Virginia looks back on a long career of underground successes. Since the mid-2000s she has prominently collaborated with the likes of Steve Bug, released on imprints Ostgut Ton, Dolly Deluxe, Underground Quality, and provided vocals to some of Steffi’s most classic tracks. Her 2016 album “Fierce For The Night” (Ostgut Ton) once again saw her electrifying dance floors.

Yesterday, Virginia provided the 137th edition of Dekmantel‘s podcast. Entitled “Greetings From My Garden – Music For The Heart Mix,” the podcast shows off the dreamier, more home-listening side to Virginia’s musical spectrum. Featuring classics from the likes of Massive Attack and The Orb to upcoming releases from Virginia’s upcoming Ostgut Ton LP, this one may be the perfect soundtrack to the last days of summer.

Check out the complete Dekmantel podcast below and be sure to catch Virginia in Amsterdam on 23 September where she joins De School’s Het Weekend and on 21 October when she will join Tama Sumo & Lakuti at Canvas. Here, Virginia gives us the story behind 5 her favorite tracks off the podcast.

Slam – Beneath

“Headstates” is one of my favorite electronic albums. I really love the early stuff on Soma Records especially the music of Slam. It is very diverse – fast, slow, always very rhythmic and funky. Lot’s of layers and deep moods. I will always find another instrument or noise to follow while I am listening to a track. It´s a timeless album.

Calibre – Grow

The 12“ came out in 2016 but reminds me of some trip hop from back in then 90ies. A musically genre I really love and wish it would get a revival. My idea for this mix was also to choose contemporary music with some all time favorites of mine. As the title already says, I felt I wanted to play out some down tempo tunes for a more chilled out summer vibe.

Ian Pooley – Whats Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber)

This one is actually for the 90ies. I like the original as well as the the Jazzanova remix. For this podcast I choose the “renumber mix” as it adds a little jazzy touch to the trip hop vibes.

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works II, #12

That album does not need a long introduction. For me it is a great soundtrack for when I am reading or just want to tune out of everything that goes on around me. Sometimes I forget that is is still
playing and then suddenly a noise or voice comes up – sends me right back into my own parallel universe.

Steffi – Kokkie (Unreleased)

The way I know Steffi as a producer and DJ the music on her new album does not come as a surprise to me. It feels like a fluent evolvement. a combination of her constant interest in finding new machines and therefore developing new ways of writing her music. The album “World of the Waking State” will be her third album on Ostgut Ton and will be out this September. I really enjoy the musical journey she is taking.

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Photo Credit: ©Stephan Redel