A club venue in Warrington UK seems to have gotten a second second life after it had been closed. On Friday morning police raided former Club Wired and discovered a vast hemp plantation, consisting of over 1600 plants.

At 8am police entered the building and made the discovery, which is worth around €2m. In all, the farm could generate over €8m in income on a yearly basis, police reported. Inspector Richie Watts further stated that “This was a significant find and fortunately, we have been able to put a stop to it. Over 1,600 Cannabis plants of varying stages of growth have been recovered from inside the premises. This is a great result as we believe that these drugs could well have been destined for the streets of Warrington or further afield”.

Two men have been arrested in suspicion of running the hemp operation. Watts continued that “We know what negative impact illegal drug use and supply can have on the community and it is an issue we take extremely seriously. Members of the public can rest assured that our efforts in this area will continue.”

Whether the catch can actually be ascribed to efforts of the police is questionable, as the odour around the building must have been alarmed residents of the area at some point.

Source: Manchester Evening News