Formerly Adept, Adwer has carved his own path through electronic music ever sincde his introduction to the Commodore 64.

This multi-faceted artist has experimented throughout genre, ranging from old school trance to ambient electronica, progressive house and techno, with releases on Warner Music/Strictly Records, Bonzai, Progrez, Four Peas Recordings, Baroque Digital/Babylon Records, and every once in a while he appears with guest mixes on the likes of Frisky Radio. Otherwise, a DJ set or live performance may be a rare sight, so if you see one, get on it1

Here, we present the opening track to Adwer’s latest EP “Night Fragments”. ‘Hourlong’ combines a thundering kick with injections of melodic soundscapes, building with brisk ascending flute imitations, which suggest the gradual descent into night.

“Night Fragments” is available 28 April on Bolygo Records

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