Art In Motion is the alter-ego of Brazilian producer Vicente Amadeo who has taken on this moniker as an outlet to explore the more intricate, emotional side of his musical psyche.

As Art in Motion, his productions have been heard on NYC-based imprint Stranjjur and on Berlin-based Mother Recordings, landing in the crates of Lee Burridge, Nic Fanciulli, H.O.S.H., Joyce Muniz, Phonique and more. His label Plano B Records has also been the home to some 40+ of Brazil’s best House Producers.

Now, Art in Motion brings more hypnotic vibes with ‘Areia,’ which comes off a unique collaborative EP, “The Last Adventure of Voodoo Houngan,” also featuring Russia’s Panorama Channel and a remix from Switchdance.

“The Last Adventure of Voodoo Houngan” is available 15 November on Karakter Records

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