BNR finishes off an epic year of techno, rave revivalism, and EBM with a fantastic release from Autotune that revisits the label’s early roots and includes a remix from the boss Boys Noize.

First released in 2004, Autotune‘s ‘Blade Runner’ is underproduced and sample based, existing somewhere between disco and industrial, with no soft-synth or plug-in heavy production tricks to accomplish its strong impression and dance floor readiness. Like the best tracks of its era, what makes Autotune‘s work so effective, so addictive, is a magic of purely human origin.

The Boys Noize edit of the title track is a focused DJ tool that is perfectly executed. Capturing the timeless, raw production that made the early BNR era so special, Autotune’s Blade Runner EP reminds us of forgotten French touch oddities, and is a big end to a big year for the label that always keeps its legacy close.

“Blade Runner” is available 28 December on Boysnoize Records

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