North and South Italy met to experiment with something new, coming to this ‘Apocalisso’ EP including versions by Hard Ton and Daniel Monaco.

The Year of Fear – as we call it not without irony – has also been a source of inspiration during the lockdown through old movies on TV. That’s how producer Billy Bogus (Modena) – a serious movie junkie and OST digger – while leading his own cinematic corner Night Movie on the fashion blog “Beat to Be” virtually met Vincenzo and Christian from Outtake (Naples). They began discussing the rising menace of the Covid-19 like it was a Sci-Fi B-Movie “and you know what? It was”, commenting on several movies until all their different inputs came to create a peculiar EP.

The title track revolves around a stunting vibe, with soundtracks samples, hypnotic voices, and “end of the world” explosions, while the remix by Italo Disco rising star Daniel Monaco takes us to a contaminated beach from a Joe D’Amato’s movie, between the twilight atmosphere and car rides in Miami.

Cobra Verde (inspired by Werner Herzog’s cult movie) is an electro weapon, minimal and groovy, ready to strike with darkling pads and dubby echos, its mood reminds of a zombie breakdancing in Wall Street. The remix by heavyweight Hard Ton, the track we’re premiering today, is for hot jumpers. Male vocals, groovy synths, and the unlimited will to make the dance floor great again.

Billy Bogus & Outtake – Apocalisso EP [Le Temps Perdu]
1. Apocalisso!
2. Cobra Verde
3. Cobra Verde (Hard Ton Vocal Mix)
4. Apocalisso! (Daniel Monaco Tropical Vision)
Release Date: 11-12-2020 // Buy here