Duro return with the third fantastic single from Bufi’s forthcoming Mexico 70 album. The package includes remixes from Richard Rossa and Maya Danon, plus cover art by Portuguese visual artist Bráulio Amado.

Mexican artist Bufi mixes up house and disco influences into warm tracks on labels like Discotexas, Electrique Music and Duro and has been going for a decade now. After two previous singles he continues to tease his much-anticipated new album.

‘Africa Latina’ is intense and steamy, with breathy male vocals and driving synths and drums. It’s an emotional affair that makes for a great trip on the dance floor.

Richard Rossa has put out music on the likes of Tom Tom Disco, Pizzico and Disque Discos, here he remixes ‘Africa Latina’ into a psyched-out cut with withering synths and haunting atmospheres all tethered to a chugging disco groove.

“Brujerias” is available 30 November on Duro

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