Christian Löffler has reworked four Beethoven tracks from original 1920s recordings of his pieces.The release, which comes through Deutsche Grammophon, comes as the world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven.

Invited by the German label, Löffler set about reworking the four tracks earlier this year. While many musicians might have trembled at the task, Löffler began to work his way through the recordings and searching for connections with his own sound.

“I was just following my ears choosing them. I was searching for parts that really caught my attention,” says Löffler. “I was jamming on my synths or on the piano to find melodies and sounds that kept the original idea but took it into my universe. My focus was to find little nostalgic moments that can make a good link to my music. Beethoven compositions, although grand and architecturally complex, are also seemingly simple and always stirring, humorous even. With Löffler’s reworks, we’re told that much of the wild, erratic composer fades away into ambient textures and mellow soundscapes, but Beethoven’s humanism is given a new lease of life. “With more space added in between the composer’s provocative ideas, Löffler gives them a new arena in which to live and thrive in,” the label explains.

Although the EP tracks are intrinsically different from the original recordings, Löffler has largely left Beethoven’s voice untouched. He has instead used the composer’s music as the colours to his own painting, searching for simple motifs that gave a narrative to his own productions.

Today Löffler has shared “Fate,” the EP’s focus track. The video for the track was created by Swedish filmmaker and photographer Fredrik Altinell.

01. Pastoral (03:40)
02. Fate (04:08)
03. Funebre (13:40)
04. Freiyheit (03:01)