The debut various-artist compilation entitled ‘Arche’ (the ancient Greek word for ‘origin’ or ‘beginning’). It represents a beginning, the opening cannon in the Inflect Records’ artillery.

The tracks themselves originate in the present but also represent times gone by, a showcase of colourful storylines which are open to interpretation to evoke a personal emotional expression.
Daniel Monaco ‘Olympics’ provides a fetching melody and groovy disco drum fills that will leave you uplifted and remain on your mind all day long. A track that combines old-school disco elements with newer ‘chuggy’ Italo exports, creating a unique blend of deep gritty rhythms.

Arche – Various Artist [Inflect Records]
1. Daniel Monaco – Olympics
2. JackWasFaster- Hestia
3. Empathy Slow- Temptation (Original mix)
4. Empathy Slow – Temptation (Slidius edit)
5. Hockless – Trident
6. Jaroska – TimeBender
7. Davak – Aurelius
Release Date: 25-11-2020 // Buy here