The Danish raised mastermind is currently unstoppable, releasing multiple productions under his multitude of alias’. Today he premieres ‘Rondo’. The track unveils a dreary bassline that conjures up a host of anticipation throughout the entire production.

Denis Horvat’s current works express strip-backed melodies that are often forgotten about in the current evolving club scene. His progressions are subtle but still inhabit an aspect of uncertainty as to where the track is going to go, keeping those listening on their toes. You could expect the track to feature in the middle of a set where the crowd is in need of a moment to catch their breath.

Having premiered his track ‘All About You’ under his alias ‘Tlak‘ earlier this monthhis sound is ever evolving and also being cultivated in a way that is appropriately marketed. The artist is definitely one to watch, raking up accreditation from game changers such as Alex Niggemann.

The information and evolution of Horvat is somewhat hard to find. This added mystery definitely accumulates towards his success in delivering elegant yet dystopian productions. With media at the forefront of most artist’s success these days, keeping oneself in the dark is certainly something to be proud of.

Embracing such a distinctive sound, his work is released selectively and on the appropriate labels. Labels that accomodate his work, and host an underlying ethic of the sound that he is producing. The artist has seen his releases on labels such as AEON, Innervisions and Upon.You, the perfect platforms to compliment his work.

The track will be available to download on November 18th on AEON.


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