Jairasol, the new full-length album from Discuji, is a spatially aware and conscientious dance floor statement that bridges soulful and minimal influences in house and techno music.

Dj/Producer Discuji is head of Better on Foot records, a label he created to serve as an outlet for emerging Baltimore artists. You might know him as the original producer behind Life on Planets, just one of many collaborations he launched through the independent label.

This new solo full length ‘Jairasol’ is made up entirely of excerpts from a DJ set that Discuji performed at an underground warehouse party in July during Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival. The 13 original songs are built upon a steady groove while providing stellar experimental moments balanced against those of percussive energy and melodic movement.

Jairasol is articulated by the label as being a “spatially-aware and conscientious dance floor statement” and from initial feedback, it’s a release finding success with its intention of proving useful to a spectrum of DJs spanning the soulful and the electronic deep subcultures. While subtle and genre-bending, the album finds an audience and an advocate by its synergy with the more refined underground club ears, while at the same time not taking itself too seriously.

On tracks like Palmgrove and Warmth Radius, we see wonderful pace-setting material, while tunes like Low Light Growth, Arch, and Footprint of an Impact Crater will light dance floors ablaze. Ephemeral Doubt and Conference of the Birds are deeply emotional grooves that move one from within, while Xuange and Nartana Satya make unique tools for outside the box flexibility.

Today we feature Ephemeral Doubt, a beautiful texturized emotional groover.

Discuji – Ephemeral Doubt [Better On Foot]

Release date: 27th of September // Pre-order

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