Norwegian artist Djuma Soundsystem was catapulted into the public’s consciousness over a decade ago with his club classic ‘Les Djinns’ on Get Physical Music.

A lot has changed over the years through a steady flow of releases and quite a few world tours, but Djuma Soundsystems sound still remains with a strong organic core. Currently, his organic, sample-heavy signature sound is the perfect combination alongside fellow Copenhagen artist Westerby’s rougher, analogue synths and techy edges, who come together on Chapter 24 Record‘s 28th release ‘Disambigua’.

The track, their much-anticipated follow up to smash hit ‘Koma Kobache,’ is a standout cut which is already turning heads on dancefloors across Europe with its dark groove and killer vocal hook.

“Disambigua” is available 6 October on Chapter 24 Records PRE ORDER

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