Marc Dosem is a Spanish DJ and electronic artist dedicated to creating deep and soulful productions that connect to his audience on a primal level.

As his reputation continues to grow, the natural choice for him is to create an outlet for his music that gives him total creative freedom and meaning to his work. As a result, Dosem has recently birthed his new label project titled Houstrike.

At its core, Houstrike is a label that will exclusively focus on releasing Dosem’s own work, as well as a place for others to collaborate with him and remix his own originals, creating something of a Dosem-themed music lab, exploring a wider spectrum of electronic music genres beyond club music.

We had the chance to catch a few words from him regarding the matter of his label.

“I like to walk through the streets, listening to music and being inspired by the echo of all kinds of untold stories … lost in all those massive urban scenarios”

What’s the concept behind the label?

It’s my personal creative platform, a place not only to release my own music but also to have a complete control over the visual layout attached to it. The concept is the connection between mental and emotional states, represented by the ascending line we can see in the logo that creates the full H of Houstrike.

Is the concept of the label tied to your distribution strategy? (i.e. reaching out to individuals scattered across the world vs. preserving the outreach and keeping it local and organic?)

The goal of this project is to keep expressing myself as an artist with an extended freedom. I’m not going to compromise creativity in front of the number of sales. I’m launching Houstrike to have fun, experiment, explore… that’s the priority. At the same time I have a wonderful team of people that joined me for this project and we have the same global approach in terms of distribution. We want to reach everyone that could be potentially interested on what this project has to offer. We’ll try to find the best opportunities to make that possible and if that helps to make the label remain stable and balanced in all management sides, it will be very welcome of course.

 I noticed the usage of Japanese characters within the logo, what’s the inspiration behind that?

One of the main reasons is that I’m a big fan of Cyberpunk. There are some classic Manga and Animes inspired by this genre that had a big impact on me long time ago. Also many Japanese videogames. All that inspiration is going to have much weight in the aesthetics of the label. I also love to visit Japan. I had the chance to play there quite a few times … It’s an amazing country with a beautiful culture and I made very good friends there. But there are many other elements that will be part of the whole visual layout. I like to visit big cities like Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam … I like to walk through the streets, listening to music and be inspired by the echo of all kinds of untold stories (real or fictional) lost in all those massive urban scenarios. I think these big cities around the world represent very well where we are as a global society … the past, the present and the near future in our planet.

Are there plans to create a special recurring event specifically designed for the label?  

We want to release the first album and from that point we will explore all possibilities. Last September I already made a small event to present the project in my hometown, Girona. From spring, we will present the first release of the stamp with a tour in Japan and in the summer we will do a showcase in Barcelona. I look forward to working with my team to find the perfect clubs and locations that connect with the essence of the project. Small spaces where we can create a strong connection with the audience and have a very good sound system.

What do you envision the experience to be like for your listeners?

My music is strongly inspired by images I have in my head and I translate it into sound. Having my own label will allow me to express on that side too. I was working as a multimedia and graphic designer before the music, so being able to express on the visual side is something really important for me. I also know many fantastic designers, video creators, music producers, etc. This platform will be a perfect spot to collaborate and create synergies. On the music side, I want to continue exploring all kinds of genres beyond club music.

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