Michael Mayer delivers a carefully crafted remix for Douglas Greed and 3000GRAD Records.

There are remixers who handle the original with a velvet glove, they carefully dress it in a new color, which gives it a delicate glaze through so it can still be heard in all its originality. Then there are remixers who hit the original with a base-ball bat until it’s just sticky flour. They mix this flour with a lot of spit, egg and fearlessness and serve colorful biscuits that are not much of the original, but still delicious. And then there are remixers who mix up both those ways. Michael Mayer does this with his remix for Douglas Greeds “Wie man unsterbliche Tiere züchtet”.He slips the velvet glove over the baseball bat and taps the original very gently until it lies on its side and shows small cracks. He fills it with a kom-pact joint sealer, lets his neighbor record her best Wilhelm’s scream and carefully pushes the result onto the dance floor. “Run my little one!” He whispers tenderly, while the grandstand applauded.

”When I first heard this song on Dougie‘s album my world just got seriously shaken up by the pandemic and its subsequent first lockdown. All I could think was: Damn, I would love to receive a phone call like the one in this track. Someone to talk me out of my fear and insecurity. How important it is to have someone close who‘s got your back in times when you falter. While working on the remix I envisioned dancefloors to be just open again and us collectively shaking the fear out of our limbs. May this moment be upon us soon.” – Michael Mayer

Douglas Greed – Wie Man Unsterbliche Tiere Züchtet (Michael Mayer Remix) [3000GRAD Records]
A1] Wie man Unsterbliche Tiere Züchtet (Michael Mayer Remix)
Release Date: 28-05-2021 – Buy here