DSC, the newly developed alias of Desert Sound Colony, brings two emotive cuts of leftfield house to Man Power’s Me Me Me imprint.

Here, we exclusively premiere the package’s sweetly melodic cut of pulsating house, ‘Wake Up.’. EP remix duties come by way of rising Northeast US’s Elliott Adamson, as well as the legendary Rex the Dog.

Also, below, we caught up with DSC for a quick chat about the EP and his summer plans!

“Wake Up / Coming Round” is available 23 June on Me Me Me

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The EP will be out on Man Power’s Me Me Me imprint. How do you find the creative environment at the label? why is it the right location to release this particular EP?
Well I met Man Power at a gig we played together in Philadelphia a couple years back when I was performing as Desert Sound Colony. We hit it off after the show and when I started writing more club orientated music as DSC I immediately thought Me Me Me would be the right home for it as the rest of the releases share this semi psychedelic italo disco edge. Luckily he agreed and here we are.

On the EP you also have remixes by Elliott Adamson and Rex the Dog, what is your relationship like with these artists? Why do these two interpretations make up a well rounded package of music?
I have always been a big fan of Rex The Dog and so I was very excited to hear what he would do with the tune. Needless to say he has totally smashed the living shit out of it. I’ve been playing his remix out in every set recently and it has been totally killing it. Legend.

Funnily enough I knew of Elliot because he is friends with my little brother but I hadn’t heard any of his music until Man Power suggested he did the other remix. I absolutely love what he’s done with Wake Up. It’s a very different take on the original and has a ton of attitude.

Why the change in name to just “DSC”?
When I started writing club music again I felt I needed a different alias but something that was still attached to Desert Sound Colony. DSC seemed like an obvious choice so I went with that.

Finally, how’s your summer going? crazy schedule? With all the extra demands in the summer, how are you able to maintain mindfulness and mental health? Do you have a “wind down” regiment when you have a chance?
This summer is actually my most chilled out one to date. Last year was very busy and I had really struggled with my musical output because of that. I decided I really needed a down period so I could get back to writing. I am basically living in my studio full time and churning out the slammers.