Inspired by modern Techno after a chance encounter, Undercatt produce atmospheric songs influenced by melodic and emotional elements.

A staple of the Diynamic family, the Italian duo have released tracks like ‘Golden Area,’ ‘Camargo,’ and the ‘Sweet Disposition’ remix (also premiered right here). Additionally, Undercatt has also found a home on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth imprint with their track ‘Coral’ establishing them definitely as one of this era’s most interesting new acts.

Now, the journey continues as Undercatt take on remix duties, this time in the form of Edu Imbernon & Duologue‘s ‘Underworld’. Taken off the EP of the same name, which also features top reworkings from the likes of Tuff City Kids and Tom Demac. Originally a composition from London band Duologue, Edu Imbernon aims to lift its indie timbre into the clubbing context with the original receiving support from the likes of Dixon, Jamie Jones, Sasha, and Pete Tong.

“Underworld” is available 5 May on Fayer

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Featured Image: Antonio Hant Corallo