Take Away is an Israeli label that has a deep and stripped back sound fusing melodic elements with techy grooves. The new release is a special package containing new remix versions of Eduardo De La Calle’s track ‘The Stand’ featuring the vocals of Joolz.

The original version was released on Take Away as part of a three-track EP at the end of 2017, and the new remixes have been provided by UNER, Marvin & Guy, KMLN, Soulfeed, and ORBE. by Eduardo De La Calle, a popular artist with a back catalog that includes releases labels such as Cocoon, Mule Musiq, Planet E Communications and many more.

Here, Italian duo Marvin & Guy keep the original’s atmosphere but their epic remix adds dreamy synths and ethereal textures that complement the prominent lead vocal.

‘The Stand Remixes’ is available on 17 September at Take Away.

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