Enrico Sangiuliano makes his return to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode with the highly anticipated EP ‘Moon Rocks’.

Enrico Sangiuliano began his career through illegal raves in Italy. In recent years, Enrico began putting his releases out into the international techno scene with rhythmic, deep, hypnotic and technological tracks, exuding techno from the heart. His work has been supported, selected and played by the likes of John Digweed, Carlo Lio, Monika Kruse, Christian Smith, Joseph Capriati, Ramon Tapia, Steve Lawler and, of course, Adam Beyer. In fact, if you were in attendance at Awakenings this year, you would have heard this fat bassed monster closing out the main man’s set, now set to release as part of an electric, eponymous EP.

Today, we proudly premiere the EPs title track. Packed with booming percussion, intricate synths and brooding crescendos, this one’s not for the faint of heart.

“Moon Rocks” is available 22 August on Drumcode

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