Learning to distance yourself and reflecting on life, E&P premiere their new track “Sundroina” and it’s the perfect start to your Sunday. 

Composed of Berliner Ed Ed and Petja Virikko, Sundroina is the new collaboration from the two producers. Last month Ed Ed delivered us a moving tech-house mix that sampled today’s premiere. The track has an airy feel to it which complements the warm vocals. The track was inspired by a break-up and reflects aspects of learning to let go of someone as well as understanding the difficulties to do so.

Having recorded the track between dance hotspots London and Berlin, the pair identify that the cities are far ahead in the dace music game, offering subtle influences that emerge through the track. We asked the pair how they identified when the track was complete and they told us ” I think we felt all elements where coming together and it just felt right and then you basically know –  we are done here. ”

Between them they have racked up releases on large tech house labels such as Noir and Defected Records. Ed Ed is also one of the main runners behind Moodmusic which hosts todays premiere.

Release date is November 25th

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