Fango’s got another body defying ‘Viscera 2/3‘ EP via Degustibus Music. After the first chapter through the interior organs, he turns his attention to a sliced up, deranged take on the cortex of the central nervous system.

With that said, here comes Cerebellum, Nervum and Cortex, three delicate operations of surgery on the inner workings of Fango’s head. His previous release ‘Rectum’ on Viscera 1/3 received strong support from artists such as Laurent Garnier, Dixon, Mano Le Tough, Tale of Us, Solomun, and Gilles Peterson – and was a huge summer hit.

The second round of his three part release conceives on the physicality of music – creating tracks that pass straight through the heart, swirl in the stomach, and… so on. For this section – Fango invites us to explore the windy curves of the human brain – all in good fashion to instil nervous breakdowns across the planet. Live long and prosper (without your head exploding).

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Viscera 2/3 will be available July 29th via Degustibus Music.

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