Frankey & Sandrino’s latest ‘&Hope EP’ is the 15th release on their Sum Over Histories imprint and a deep exploration of the pair’s sound and synergy.

‘&Hope EP’, the 4 track EP from Frankey & Sandrino, is a celebration of the duo’s partnership and a journey into their musical symbiosis. After making music together for close to a decade, the pair feel more connected than ever and grateful to be able to express themselves creatively with no compromises. The EP is a step away from their signature eclectic electronic dance music productions and a clear boundary-pusher, with a plethora of new musical elements thrown into the mix.

Their first track, ‘Hope43‘, is a methodical electronica production with industrial elements littered throughout to add a sense of grit and disquiet. This freneticism soon merges into cohesion, presenting an image of togetherness and unity. It’s this exact sense of synchronisation that Frankey & Sandrino felt when they created the track – so much so that Frankey called Sandrino on his way home from the studio to tell him how fulfilling the session was.

‘Green Leaf‘, the second track on the EP, explores an entirely different terrain. The pair truly pushed each other when making this track, using a new synth with a sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd to create an atmospheric and psychedelic listening experience. The mostly analogue production adds a breadth and depth to the EP, and that makes it impossible to compartmentalise. Green Leaf occupies a musical sphere of its own, a kaleidoscopic creation that represents a powerful musical synergy.

The rapid sound of ‘Rana‘ follows, picking the listener up and taking them above the clouds and into another realm. The sounds of Eastern synths pierce through the deliberate beat, while clashing symbols and deep bass add heat and texture. The 8-minute production shoots and builds drops and lifts with unexpected, at times cartoon-like elements to create a playful yet technically brilliant track that comes from a place of deep comfort and confidence.

‘TGA‘, the final track on the EP, features vocals from Ia Öberg, who also contributed to Frankey & Sandrino’s popular track ‘Ways of the Sun‘. The pair describe this track as happy yet melancholic, a slow-building groove that steps away from big drops, instead choosing to unfurl and crescendo slowly and with care. The result is a borderline philosophical exploration of the depth of house music, with powerful vocals conjuring images of darkness, light, loss and hope.

With their ampersand motif emblazoned in psychedelic colours and with multiple layers on the sleeve, the album artwork is a visual representation of the artists’ musical abilities as well as their sense of togetherness.

Frankey says: “Making this EP with Sandrino was one of the most positive experiences of my musical career. I feel blessed to have met a creative partner who’s on the exact same page as I am, and feel this EP explores and communicates that synergy completely.”

Sandrino says: “We truly pushed ourselves with this EP – we were able to step out of our usual realm of consciousness and into a different sphere. We played with elements we’ve never played with before and created new sounds and energies that surprised even ourselves. It’s one of the most exciting EPs we’ve ever made.”

Frankey & Sandrino – Hope 43 [Sum Over Histories]
A1] Hope 43
A2] Green Leaf
B3] Rana
B4] TGA feat. Ia Öberg
Release Date: 21-05-2021 // Buy here