Since 2006, H.O.S.H. has had a key role in the Hamburg-based Diynamic crew (alongside flatmate and label boss Solomun and frequent collaborator Stimming), as a result helping steer house music into uncharted waters.

Considering himself a DJ first and foremost, H.O.S.H. is someone who prizes the art of mixing records and sequencing journeys. He is, however, also a formidable force in the studio with several global dance floor hits to his credit.

Now, holed up in the studio for the last few months, H.O.S.H. reemerges with his first release of 2017. Coming off Diynamic, his ‘Karma’ is a trippy one with echoey exotic vocals over distorted acid stabs, really cool and something a bit more unusual

“Karma” is available 7 April on Diynamic Music

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Photo: Natalie Beth Harris