Derrick May’s seminal Transmat imprint is back for its 30th anniversary, releasing 3 new artists. First in line is Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe, aka Kaito, whose Multiverse EP is picking up the classic Motorcity sound and giving it an incredibly tasty 21st century spin. Premiering here exclusively is our favourite cut of the four-tracker: Soul Transitions. 

Hiroshi Watanabe is a producer and DJ who has spun at New York clubs Twilo and Tunnel & Speed, along with having held a residency at Save the Robots. As Kaito, Watanabe has produced tracks, which Cologne’s Kompakt label has dubbed nu-trance.

Combining early ‘90s trance elements with the sensibilities of a deep house producer, Watanabe issued a trio of Kaito 12″ singles between 2001 and 2002 before dropping the full-length Special Life, a compilation of those tracks with some added material. Watanabe has also produced material under his own name for King Street, Nite Grooves, and Oxygen Music Works.

Multiverse EP is out on the 12th of February on Transmat. Pre-order here.

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