After contributing a remix for Satori‘s track ‘Bad Looking Trouble’ on Underyourskin Records last year, Armenian breed producer Hraach releases his first EP, ‘Hidden Dimension’ on the label.

The four tracker comes along with two original versions, the title track and ‘Nemesis’, and two remixes by Tara Brooks and Kora. ‘Hidden Dimension’ starts off with a luscious baseline and a single synth-loop that in the course of the track switches it’s tonality and is enriched with guitar sounds that remain in the background to support the the lead synth. Due to the combination of the aforementioned elements the track is a one take groover expressing the beauty of melancholy to the fullest. Here, Kora adds a more crunchy bassline and a soft and gentle break to the original version that lets one enjoy and breathe the sentimentality and sorrow.

Kora will be in Amsterdam during the 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event taking part in a handful of events around the city. On Sunday, 22 October he will join The Gardens of BabylonThe Seekers of Light alongside Audiofly, Blond:ish, Behrouz, Damian Lazarus, DJ Three, Satori, YokoO, and many more at Amsterdam’s WesterUnie.

“Hidden Dimension” is available 24 August (Beatport Exclusive) & 8 September (RoW) on Underyourskin Records PRE ORDER

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