Hubert Kirchner returns to the scene with his first new originals in nearly two years. A period in which he decided to take a little break from music production, focus on his study and now with a master degree in psychology in his pocket he’s back, better than ever!

With a short but impressive discography, having released music on labels such as SOSO, Parquet Recordings and Traum Schallplatten we’re sure you’re all eager to hear what the reinvented version of Hubert Kirchner sounds like. Who better to explain the story behind today’s eclusive premiere -‘Epoch’ than the artist himself:

“The movie Interstellar was one of my personal highlights of 2014; I don’t think I’ve heard more epic soundtracks, ever. It was especially the organ that caught my ear. This wasn’t just any instrument, but an organ located at the nearly thousand year old Temple Church, London. The extraordinary thing about the sound of such an instrument is that it covers much more than a progression or certain notes. There is a philosophical sense attached to its sound since it has a connection to our culture in a religious way. This underlying feeling is something I wanted to capture in Epoch. By using the uplifting, metaphysical feeling of the synth closely resembling an organ; I tried to grasp the thoughts and feelings of how much there is yet to understand.”

“Era” is available 7 August on Manual Music

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