Ivory releases a 4 track EP ‘Let The Mystery Be’ on Sum Over Histories with a great remix from Santiago Garcia.

Ivory sees music as both a sanctuary and an escape, a concept he encapsulates in his latest EP on Sum Over Histories. The Milan-based producer is best known for his deft electronic music composition, with his captivating and surrealist style winning him fans the world over. No doubt Let The Mystery Be will win him even more. Ivory’s release is the latest on Sum Over Histories, the label from eclectic electronic music duo Frankey & Sandrino.

Let The Mystery Be, the first track on the EP, is as ethereal and surreal as the title suggests. Here Ivory cements his reputation as a truly original composer. After a slow build-up, the musician adds melancholic keys and light hi-hats with a sci-fi quality. Sighing female vocals add a human depth to the piece, moulding the composition into an intergalactic space odyssey that we never want to end. Santiago Garcia remixes the track, transforming it into a grooving, analogue house track full to the brim with wood-based percussion, animalistic wails and emotive keys that build, drop and sigh like the music itself is breathing.

Track two of the EP, Shiver, has a faster pace and higher frequency. Ivory’s preoccupation with the hypnotic shines through, with robotic female vocals leading us into an extraordinary aural soundscape of clapping snares and delirious synths which feel as much cathartic for the artist as for the listener. Shiver is a genre-transcending production, a cinematic howl into the musical abyss.

Ivory plays with silence as well as sound, using it as negative space to make his message stand out even more. He does this most prominently in Human Nature, the third track of the EP, which starts with a full minute of soundscapes so subtle they’re barely audible. He then introduces woodwind elements, slow, thumping house beats, ethereal synths and beautiful strings that build up over the five minute track into a poignant crescendo. Then the elements gently fade away as subtly as they came.

Frankey says: “Ivory’s one of the most promising producers in Europe right now. He’s an artist in the true sense of the word – he’s created a space in electronic music composition that is entirely his and this EP is a glorious demonstration of that talent.”

Sandrino says: “Sum Over Histories stands for conscious listening and Let The Mystery Be totally embodies that ethos. Ivory is a captivating producer and a remarkable artist. I’m delighted we can share his EP with the world.”

Ivory – Let The Mystery Be (Santiago Garcia Remix) [Sum Over Histories]

A1] Let The Mystery Be
A2] Shiver
B1] Human Nature
B2] Let The Mystery Be (Santiago Garcia)
Release Date 06-08-2021 // Get it here now