J. Mono is back with his first full length release on Dalmata Daniel, starting the labels album series with DDA01 – Redate.

Hungary’s beloved introverted synthjammer mastermind brings us a collection of tracks all recorded between 2014 – 2016 through livejams.

J. Mono‘s real name is Loránt Keresztes and he hails from Hungary’s countryside. He started to produce music in the early 2000’s on a small collection of gear, ever expanding his collection over the years. In 2008, J. Mono was one of the founding members of Hungary’s now legendary Wedding Acid Group or simply WAG.

The album covers styles like acid, IDM an electro, but each in J. Mono‘s typical style – strong and melodical, playful or immersed in melancholy, but all of them full of emotion.

“Redate” is available 14 December on Dalmata Daniel, PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE

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