Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw is releasing a new album of over twenty tracks of unreleased solo material. Shaw will be sharing two new tracks every two weeks leading up to its drop on September 27th. This 25 track body of work called “The Exquisite Cops”- sees the light of day via SMD’s Delicacies label

Jas Shaw on the chemistry of the two records ‘When The Whip Descends’ and ‘Repeat Until There Is No More Other’”There’s a quote about random things seeming to synchronize when placed with a clear drum pattern, I forget the phrasing and who it is, let’s assume it’s Eno, it usually is. This is case in point – two tracks done days apart, one a relentless drum take on the 909 through some boxes I wanted to stress test and the other a wobbly synth workout done without any synch. Close but not the same tempo, so I thought I’d try to get them to play nicely with each other. Laying them over each other and timing one to the other was ok, but not really what I’d hoped and so I rolled back, ready to try something else and for some reason hit play with the original unsynched synth over the drum track, ready to hear a clattering train-wreck. Instead of whoops-I-nudged-the-record-the wrong-way the track suddenly became an accidental trick on our brain’s desire to make sense. The synth is syrupy enough that it can kind of stand between beats and the brain nudges it into place – so instead of cack samba, it was morphing and pushing and pulling the drums. All that tension and resolution that I normally labor over putting into a track just dropped into my lap, amazing, or you could say that it’s incompetently constructed techno, I’m comfortable with either.”

Jas Shaw – When the Whip Descends [Delicacies]
Release: August 16th // Pre-order

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