Javier Orduna premieres his new track on Chapter 24 Records today. The ‘Erretica’ EP features five tracks that all host a motion of sentience whilst maintaining an eary techno feel.

Spanish born at the end of the 70’s, Orduna’s first musical experiences are a point of surprise and also a point of interest. In the producers younger years he affiliated himself with the Spanish punk scene and admired the sound of renowned bands such as the Dead Kennedys and Joy Division. In his early 20’s he decided to up-sticks and make the move to the culture hub that is Barcelona. The move lead him to follow the broken track into the emerging electronic music scene.

Open to opportunity Javier soon gained a residency at Moog Club, experiencing encounters with fellow elites in the game. His prior interest in the punk scene may be responsible for the evident eerie and rebellious feel to his productions. Furthering his career he soon managed to secure dates at some of the world’s most prestigious events such as Space, About Blank and our very own ADE.

His emergence into the world of electronic music has seen him on an upward trajectory possessing many releases on a number of labels, inclusive of Viva Music and Moda Black.  He has since launched his own label Nightcolours which welcomes artists who are ahead of the game, and also those who are just joining.

Today’s edition features the attentive work of German producer Marc DePulse, a true believer of producing music as a consequence of what you feel and producing sounds that you love. DePulse has racked up over 150 releases on leading labels such as Noir , Blu Fin and Ostwind Records. The remix of  ‘Erretica (Marc DePulse Edition)” hosts a vocal that adds a sense of nostalgia, and a refined melody that resembles a climb through time and space and really adds another dimension to the original production. It is these additions that really add a sense of emotion and deepen the experience and involvement of the listener to the track.

The EP will be available to download on November 25TH on Chapter 24 Records.

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