Lichtenberg, the name of a district in East Berlin and Johannes Albert’s second LP, hints of EBM & New Wave crossing state-of-the-art house rhythms. Seeing the producer heading down a whole different path, Albert’s ten-piece music on ‘Lichtenberg’ surely has made the transition to more misty material. Sing-along synthesizer melodies however still play an important role. 

The album embodies genre fluid styles that depict the motions of the Kiez. Ambient structures over New Wave rhythms via EBM to current rave revivals blend a sense of multidisciplinary art into one medium.

After the welcoming vibes of  ‘Phony Emotions’, we wander into an indie dance room when listening to the meaty bass tones of ‘Hooligan’. Renowned photographer Gundula Schulze Eldowy (mostly known for her work “Berlin on a dog’s night“) lends her voice to the dark mood of ‘Milieu’ speaking about life in the city in the 1980s. We find a rare moment of happiness dancing to ‘Wing House’ with a positive arp baseline. Longtime producer-pal Iron Curtis comes into the mix now for the uptempo acid tune ‘Built-In Acceptance’. Bringing back the vast, massive drop in e-music, sure to be a hit at festivals this summer.

Carrying on with ‘Chestnut Poetry’ an ode to 90s Rave with a touch of EBM and snare rolls included. ‘Dong Xuan’ feeds the energy of the infamous Vietnamese center based in the album’s namesake by evoking a shattered vocal sample over lofty pads with an engaging acid bassline, however its mostly a follow-up to Johannes’ 2016 anthem “All Things Mind Altering“. Rounding up things with the majestic New Age sound of ‘Cell’. Another collaboration this time with Moritz Heppner, Aka “Monosoul“. The producer reveals his darker side on Lichtenberg and slows down. Ancient drum machines and synthesizers, however, play the main role.

Throughout this whole journey, Johannes still maintains his house music foundations. Features come vast and great: Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Iron Curtis & Moritz Heppner add the fold with their musical stylings.

Today we bring you ‘Hooligan’ as an exclusive.

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