A producer from Northern Europe and a poet from Southern Africa has set off on a rhythmical and spiritual journey from the depths of oceanic trenches to the crests of the atlantic waves in this new release.

Berlin’s very own Kaldera has produced the beats while the Johannesburg poet Lazarusman delivers food for thought. The message is how we tend to overanalyze relations to the ones you love, caring too much about what other people say and ending up losing it all… to the oceans of your mind.

The B-side, and today’s exclusive premiere, offers a deep and smooth deep house remix by the Londoner and MNKY HSE resident Urmet K; the perfect track for the early evenings and skybar gigs.

“Oceans of My Mind” is available via Beatport (today) & ROW (23 March). Find special Spotify short version – HERE and Beatport – HERE

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