Rounding up what is beginning to look like ‘Kenny Dope month’, we present one of the tracks coming from his new EP with Robert Owens, aka the voice of Chicago House. On remix duties is one of our favourite UK artists: Mr. G. A house guru that has stayed true to his analog philosophy. Check out this marvellous re-interpretation of Bricks Down.

Over the last 25 years, the four time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer has been astounding audiences across the world with his fusions of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, funk & soul, reggae, alternative pop and broken beats. By releasing literally thousands of original tracks and hundreds of remixes, Kenny has earned a reputation as a living encyclopedia of beats as both a solo artist, and as one-half of the legendary house duo, Masters At Work alongside “Little” Louie Vega and, not to mention, a 50,000 strong record collection.

Alongside being a DJ and producer, Kenny also holds the title of record label owner with Dopewax and Kay-Dee Records, the former oroginally focused on Kenny’s own raw, beat records and evolved to hosting more vocal fare, and the latter being a landing pad for re-recording and releasing of rare and classic music.

Having been in the game for around 2 decades now, Mr. G is widely considered to be one of the most under-rated artists about – with only true music fans appreciating his vast contribution to dance music.

He was initially part of the KCC DJ trio playing at the now legendary Confusion parties and subsequently started recording as one half of The Advent, producing many ground-breaking releases/remixes and albums, and touring the world with their intense, relentless style of techno. In 1999 Colin decided to go his own way and founded the Phoenix G label in order to create his unique brand of analogue bass-heavy electronic tech-funk, which immediately attracted props from his peers and the music press alike.

Kenny Dope ft. Robert Owens’ Bricks Down EP is out on December 11th on Dopewax.

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