Maeve welcomes their long time friend Kev Sheridan for his debut release.

In development over the past few years, his entire “Alone in Berlin” EP showcases the deep musicality and talent this new artist has.

Here, the packages A2, ‘Wash Over Me’ comes with a change of pace moving into a broken beat rhythm but still maintaining the emotion of the A side. Haunting pads hang over clean staccato percussion creating an overall euphoric vibe.

…and with this debut release imminent, we also caught up with Kev to get a bit of insight into the world of this promising young artist.

“Alone in Berlin” is available 13 April on Maeve PRE ORDER


What was the original seed that ultimately grew into “Alone in Berlin” EP?
It started with the title track itself, which came about almost by accident very late one night a few years back. The guys straight away said that they would love to release it on Maeve but at the time there was nothing more planned. As I was sending more tracks, they really liked the initial sketch of ‘Wash Over Me’ and Mano started to regularly play out what would become the second b-side, ‘Losing Someone is Never Easy’.

Describe the creative environment at MAEVE? How did you see the environment there for you, especially given this being your debut release?
For me, the creative environment is extremely free. It was a case of sending over tracks that I thought might work, or be interesting. The lads have always been very supportive and helpful on that front which is great.

Actually, how did you relationship with MAEVE form in the first place?
I met Mano and Mark (Flynn) in university so we’ve been friends for a long time. Then I met Baikal when I moved to Berlin a few years ago through the lads.

Tell us about the story behind the title “Alone in Berlin”?
In Nov/Dec 2014 I was in Berlin for a 5 week period. I was staying in a place on my own and it was fairly cold and bleak out. I was definitely not in the best of form at the time and the playing on the track certainly reflects my mood that night. In fact, the tune was initially just called ‘Alone’, until I spotted the Hans Fallada book called ‘Alone in Berlin’ sitting on a shelf in the room, which described the song more accurately.

What are you personally excited for coming through 2018 and beyond…?
I’m obviously delighted to be finally putting music out. I have a tune on the upcoming compilation, “Maeve Misc.”, so I’ll be playing at the launch night in Funkhaus on 19th of May. Also I’m really looking forward to playing at the ‘Somewhere In The Distance’ festival outside Berlin in July. Really I’m just excited to be producing and releasing music and to see where the journey takes me