After being picked up by Red D on We Play House Recordings, Kiani & His Legion has also released on Defected Records and Eskimo Recordings.

As a core artist on Nuno Do SantosSomething Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo) imprint, however, it is Kiani & His Legion’s first mini album on the imprint – “Lima Oscar Victor Echo” – that marks the next chapter of his sonic explorations by using a language that doesn’t need to be explained trough words, the symbols merge with their meaning through sound.

Here, off the release, ‘Oval Flight’ starts out with the cheeky sound of an electric harp but inside it hides a seed that sprouts to enormous proportions. Beneath the beauty you can feel something sweltering, wanting to expose itself. It links back to the beginning and finally lifts you off with a grand gesture.

“Lima Oscar Victor Echo” is available 5 May (Vinyl) & 12 May (Digital) on SoHaSo

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