Last Gas Station aka La.Ga.Sta. turns 10 this year, and celebrates its tunefully inspirational road trips through all these years in a very special way. They invited some of their favorite artists and producers, who have been part of LAGASTA ’s family all these years, to choose a best-loved song of theirs and make a cover version of it for a new anniversary compilation.

The outcome is an exceptional track compilation that brings the most deserving music to the surface, from George Michael to Siouxsie and the Banshees and from Whitney Houston to Blood Orange. It’s a fusion of different decades and music styles. LAGASTA’s own contribution on the compilation is a cover of their all-time favorite Eurythmics song “Love Is A Stranger”, that’s been turn into a melodic haunted lullaby with the sensual vocals by Private Agenda giving the track an emotional approach.

Through the last 10 years, LAGASTA  has been establishing a name for itself as it’s become a phenomenon worldwide, known for its good taste in music, keeping up to date with the latest in electronic and dance music in general.

Working as DJs, journalists and event promoters for years, they had managed to throw some of the most successful parties in Greece as well as a residency at London’s Dalston Superstore, took part in big Festivals, and tour NYC twice. They are responsible for the “Late Summer” compilation series, coming out every September, for the last 8 years, and consisting of exclusive tracks specially made for the compilations. Last year they released their first double vinyl compilation, with 12 exclusive tracks as the first release of their newborn label “LAGASTA records”.

The 10 years anniversary compilation will drop on May 6th as a free download via Bandcamp, with artwork by one of the most exciting graphic designers today, Portugal-born, NYC-based Bráulio Amado. Part of the compilation are names like Curses, Benjamin Fröhlich, Woolfy Vs Projections, Luxxury, Kito Jempere, Zombies In Miami, Pional, Moullinex & Xinobi and many others.

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