A refreshing combination of two different tribes uniting for an earthy majectic track “Signs of Change”. Coming from Landside – an electronic music project that emerged out of another project, Hunter/Game and an Icelandic band Kúra, brought together by a creative longing of nature – a source of many artistic inspirations. 

Today’s premiere is an amalgamation of ambient and revolving melodies that intertwine with a rugged bassline.  The percussion in Signs of Change generates a certain tension until the middle of the track – an image in one’s mind of dark storm clouds cascading above your head, filled with rain, waiting for the release, that comes in the second part of it. The track is reflective of the whole EP, including the reworks from Luke Hess and Kelpe. All components really emanate towards the concept and inspiration from nature that binds Landside together. Which in this case was a lot to be bound, as the concept is brought together by two creative units.

The different aspects on the sound, that Landside entails, come from electronic dub elements from the Icelandic electronic band Kúra, that are then absorbed and developed through the house and techno background of Hunter/Game – an Italian duo already noticed by labels like Kompakt, Innervisions and Dyinamic. Kúra, which in Icelandic Translates to ‘caress’, brings an intriguing concept of a trio of vocalists who DJ and play percussion between them. The combination of the two parties accounts for an experimental and moving result, which is Landside.

Signs of Change is available on Just This on December 2nd.

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