Conceived and compiled by Vidmantas “V” Cepkauskas, the head of programming and resident DJ of Vilnius’ Opium Club, “Opium of the People” is a rock solid collection of 13 unreleased tracks by core residents and the members of extended (and international) Opium family.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Opium is currently the most talked about club North of Berlin. With its reputation ever growing, the club has earned the admiration of local crowd, loyalty of visiting artists and respect of industry insiders by nurturing unique local talent, bringing cutting edge House & Techno acts on a weekly bases, building a devoted community and rocking the parties of the highest intensity and unprecedented intimacy.

Amongst the likes of Autarkic, Dreems, Kris Baha, Thomas Von Party, Sebastian Voigt & Theus Mago, it is Frankfurt’s Musikmaschine Lauer featured here today.

“Opium of the People” is available 27 April on Le Temps Perdu

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