Lehar’s aesthetic categories of the sublimity and beauty of nature find their roots in Romanticism.

As you may notice while listening to Lehar’s music compositions, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process, finally resulting in a near impromptu.

Lehar’s debut ep ‘Sargas’ on Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings has put him on the map of modern electronic music and represents his artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines and intriguing melodies. Since, Lehar has also been a core member of Solomun’s Diynamic family, who, in 2016, celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Today, Lehar provides a very special exclusive take off of The 10-Years-Diynamic Compilation: A collection of 13 unreleased original productions by the core Diynamic family, including Solomun, Adriatique, H.O.S.H., Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Stimming, Karmon, NTFO, Thyladomid, Ost & Kjex, Magdalena, Johannes Brecht, and Undercatt. Below, Lehar also dishes out the inside information on his career thus far, and the inspirations behind ‘Lonestar Memories’.

“10 Years Diynamic Compilation” is available 16 September on Diynamic Music

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Can you explain a little about the track?
I made this track last spring while I was in a very creative moment and mood 🙂 in the same weeks I also produced the Magical Realism EP.

How are you at the moment are you happy with your career?
This is a very nice moment of my life, I am happy with myself and my family and i m trying to work the harder i can so I can learn always more and more from my job.

Is there something like a ritual or setting that helps you get creative?
To be creative I need to be surrounded and filled by good vibes. I need to be in a good mood to feel really creative. Usually the creative part in my brain activates at night. I already know that to create a mood of creativity I have to go out e.g. to dinner with my girlfriend or my friends, have a good time, have a few drinks, and then after dinner head straight to the studio and produce, to immediately turn the good feelings into music.

This is my ritual. Every time I produced a track I really like, it has been this way. Dinner – Studio – Track.

Is there anything you have tried for the first time when you produced “Lonestar Memories”?
Lonestar Memories has been the first track on which I have used a different bassline from what I did before. When I finished this bassline, I instantly fell in love with it and after Lonestar Memories, produced the whole “Magical Realism EP” in this style.