We are living strange, particular times and, as we go through it all, music is still our best ally. The Nazcas, the ones that live through art and beauty, and the Viracochas, beings from a distant world that blend and solidarize with us, know this. They´ve come once more to inspire the artists at Nazca Records to write history through electronic beats.

This next release is a reflection of our current days. The world on lock-down has pushed our characters and artists to move forward and define their destiny. Through hard work, Los Suruba have managed to put together a new EP inspired by one of the last authentic corners in Ibiza, Las Dalias.

Las Dalias is the oldest venue in Ibiza, summing up 76 years of making history. In the 70s Pink Floyd used to throw parties there making it, to this day, a venue on the island to remember. Every Sunday, throughout the summer, people from Ibiza as well as our beloved characters have enjoyed the music delivered by Los Suruba, founders of the mystic label Nazca Records.

The ‘En Las Dalias’ EP counts with the extraordinary participation of Santiago García, who has been an active member of the label as well as others like Innervisions.

This two-track EP is an avant-garde work of sound, a mix of organic and synthetic-like sounds that symbolize the strong relation and actual conflict between human creations and nature. Santiago Garcia´s interpretation of the track builds up in the same line, highlighting the memorable horn sounds meant to attract us into this musical universe that so accurately reflects our reality.

‘En Las Dalias’ EP is an ode to this new world we are experiencing, a reflection about the present, and a firm memory from the future.

Today we present to you Santiago Garcia‘s wonderful ‘Interpretation Mix’.

Los Suruba – En Las Dalias EP [Nazca]
1. En Las Dalias (Original Mix)
2. En Las Dalis (Santiago Garcia’s Interpretation Mix)
Release Date: 21-09-2020 // Buy here