Hailing from Queens, NYC, Love Letters makes their YIELD debut with ‘Bedroom Community’ – an 8-track mini-album of warehouse dance cuts to hypnotic spa, ambient sounds.

The tape eases you into Love Letters’ diverse and jacking world with the morse-coded “Life, How Fast,” before turning you loose on the B-Side with the sentimental piano of “Ducue,” also available on the accompanying vinyl release. As Love Letters weaves through the B-Side, you’ll feel an airy and playful ambience summoned in “Co-locate” and “Wish to Speak With You” before the final, bonus-track (and today’s exclusive premiere) “Bedroom Community (DubMix)” seals the experience with a spicier take of the A-side’s original suburban contemplation.

“Bedroom Community” is available 24 November on YIELD Records

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