Taking inspiration from nearly every aspect of the world – painting, building, experience – Luca Bacchetti combines all within his sound.

Today, Luca exclusively premieres his new track ‘Vento’ (Italian for wind), which is one out of four from his new, eponymously titled EP on his own Endless imprint. ‘Vento’ has a melody that gets you moving from side to side with authentic vocals that host a slight distortion proving a highlight moment from Luca’s recent Burning Man’ Robot Heart set.

Never shy to incorporate different genres into his sets, Luca’s non categorisable soundscape oscillates between electronica and techno seems to have delineated his sonic territory since last January’s “Genesis” EP. The first to admit the slew of musical influences that make up his musical expression, constantly evolving his sound, always confounding expectations, and creating the kind of “sconic scenery” that allows the world to unfold around us.

“Vento” is available on 6 January on Endless Records. Pre-Order HERE

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