Merging electronic music with classic song structures into captivating listening enjoyment, Berlin’s Yeah But No released their self-titled debut album last November.

A duo comprised of Techno producer Douglas Greed and singer Fabian Kuss, Yeah But No now bring the release of “Remixes I”, one of two EPs containing contributions by friends and fans. On the package, Karmon, Daniel Brandt, Panthera Krause, and Mudaze each bring their unique interpretations, but today it is Marc Holstege‘s remix getting the exclusive premiere.

With his take on ‘Leave The Dark,’ Marc delivers a gently flowing, yet dark and melancholic track, building up on the mood of the original material; a clever interpretation of Yeah But No’s sound, well-chosen, minimalistic, intelligent.

Yeah But No are currently working on the tracks of their second album, which will be released in November 2018.

“Remixes 1” is available 14 April on Sinnbus PRE ORDER

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