Retrograde returns late September with ‘In Reverse Pt.1’, a delightful package hosting multiple artists such as Matteo Luis, Natureboy Gold, Terron and Marlon Hoffstadt.

Having his first works published from the youthful age of 17, Marlon Hoffstadt is no stranger to the electronic music world. Now 22, Hoffstadt has since refined his sound in order to channel is musical visions that have helped him curate the label Retrograde. The enthusiastic Berliner works hard to retain his distinctive sounds, sampling vocals from the likes of Chicago house legend Paris Brightledge.

2000 mg floating marks the fifth release from the Berlin based label. The track hosts intergalactic like progressions with a sense of euphoria towards the middle of the track.

“In Reverse Pt.1” is out on Retrograde 30th September 2016. BUY

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