For the third entry on the New Tab catalog, we welcome Max Von Sternberg with a sublime 3-track EP, including a remix by masters Adana Twins. Berlin-based, Max is a new entrant to the scene, but one who is already making waves with cutting-edge music of impeccable taste.

In this package, Max joins forces again with the bewitching voice talent of Danish artist Alice Rose, for two hypnotic and highly emotional tracks. ‘Mod Undergrunden’ kicks off with a galloping staccato groove and a mystic mantra and the path unravels, what starts as an arduous journey through a dark forest slowly opens out into a brilliant dawn, and as her chants embrace you, the mist lifts into a bright cerulean sky.

‘Love is the Law’ is a stricter dancefloor affair, heavy with impassive declarations punctuated by a bellowing, gliding lead. Alice convinces, a heart beats underwater, and sharply tuned instruments are both judge and jury in this outspoken exposition. This track is then reinterpreted by the inimitable Adana Twins, who apply their retro-future tradecraft in their uniquely untamed, deeply satisfying form.

Max von Sternberg – Mod Undergrunden feat. Alice Rose [New Tab Music]
A2] Mod Undergrunden
Release Date: 27-05-2022 // Buy here


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