Desert Hearts Records welcome their 20th release from Michael Rosa. An EP composed of four tracks that showcase his diversity. Today we premiere his title track that incorporates middle-eastern influences whilst executing a wallowing bassline.

He’s a man who isn’t shy of self- acknowledgement “I don’t know where to start, ever since I was born I was dope”. Michael Rosa‘s roots lay in Florida where he teamed up with friends in aid of attracting their favourite DJs to the scene. Soon after he became well integrated into the electronic music scene and began mixing himself. After scoring an affinity with the ability to mix he slowly began to thrive and begun to make appearances and making his own productions.

Gaining recognition after supporting acts such as Richie Hawtin and Andre Ramos he decided to further his production efforts. Although Rosa’s experience has seen him support huge house acts, it is a refreshing change to see an artist stick to their roots. His early musical interests were born out of a hip-hop background and the producer has ensured he keep this influence prominent within his sound. He’s scored releases from a number of labels including Illegal Alien and Deep Tech Records.

Today’s premiere has a truly authentic feel and something that is distinctive within the house music scene nowadays. The track hosts a really organic and authentic sound, incorporating  traditional arabic string instruments complemented by piano rifts and easy going shynths. It goes without saying that the track is suitably named, allowing the listener to really imagine those Arabian nights.

Abu will be available to download on Desert Heart Records on December 5th.