A world explorer, born in Bogota now based in Miami, MIICHII express his love of electronic world music through an organic approach to production.

A multi instrumentalist and sound engineer, MIICHII has spent the better part of 15 years experimenting with sounds and approaches across the spectrum of music, honing in on the electronic side of of things a few years ago. Congruently, and to gain as much inspiration and awareness, MIICHII traveled the world, drawing influence from the cultures of Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Japan, UAE, and Peru. Now, after prominent residencies around Miami including prominent nightspots El Patio and Punch, as well as appearances at the famed (and DHA favorite local spot) Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

The sound here is reminiscent of the Burning Man playa with touches of world influence, love and soul, of which can also be heard on MIICHII’s forthcoming “Stay” EP. We’ll be offering a sneak peak at (the track) ‘Stay’ soon enough, but for now its the exclusive premiere of the package’s ‘South Remembering’. Also, MIICHII was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his background, musical approach, Miami and more below, so be sure to check out our exclusive interview!

“STAY” is available 11 April on Wayu Records. PRE ORDER

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You were born in Colombia but now reside in Miami. How do you find the two cities (Bogota and Miami) compare in terms of club culture?
I moved to Miami area when I was a teenager so I did not get to experience in full the club culture from Bogota. That being said, I’ve been going back and I have noticed that the scene has changed a lot and it just keeps growing. Bogota now has clubs like Baum that are definitely changing the landscape; putting Colombia on the map with tons of Djs from overseas making their way to Colombia’s major cities. On the other hand you have Miami’s club culture which is really rich and has a long history! There are many options of clubs to choose from, all varying in genres from the more underground like Do Not Sit to after party places like Space to the bottle service clubs like Story. One thing I can tell you, is that the Miami local and underground scene is very strong and diverse and artists usually like to help each other out and support one another.

Aside from DJing and Producing, can you tell us a bit more about your musical background?
I started experimenting with traditional Colombian percussion at a very early age, that is when I learned that I had an inclination towards music. I loved the challenge of learning new rhythms and instruments. As I grew up, I taught myself how to play the guitar, bass and piano, and soon after, I started composing and self producing latin pop/rock songs. I then later went study sound engineering at Full Sail University, that changed my perspective on music and decided to adopt electronic music production.

Also, aside from the above mentioned, you are a sound engineer, as well described as an explorer of world sounds. Without getting too theoretical, how would you describe your interest in sound?
I think that of all of the art forms, music cannot be ignored if it’s around you. Unlike paintings or photography, you cannot turn your head on sounds. I have never felt strong emotions with visuals but I always feel a physical reaction when I listen to a great composition or natural sounds. I find the art of sound so fascinating; sounds are fragile and hard to manipulate, and learning about their science makes me better at manipulating such sounds into music.

Your next release is due very soon, of which we will be featuring a few cuts. It comes off Miami based label Wayu Records. How did you hook up with the record label? How do you find their creative environment?
Julian from WAYU Records has been a good friend of mine for many years, he actually used to run a punk rock record label with another guy that lived in Colombia. So as soon as I sent him my tracks, he asked if he could release some of the tracks on his new electronic music label. He and I are so excited about working together and hopefully we can get to collaborate on future projects. Nothing better like working with like minded people, and helping the local scene.

Tell us what you have exciting on the horizon this year?
A lot more music! Right now, my main focus is to keep producing. I want people to hear a story on each song I produce. I’m also working on finalizing some details to start a couple of collaborations with some other cool up and coming artists. Apart from that, Stay EP will be released April 11th so I started to book shows here in Miami to promote it!