Side UP Works presents its 5th release with the remixes of its 2nd reference from the collaborative Moderna y Theus Mago ‘Pesos Not Besos’. 

‘Pesos Not Besos’ is taken by Ewan Pearson, Justin Robertson, Cabaret Nocturne, Martin Noise, Odd Oswald and Sara Zinger. A huge package with different sounds, including 2 remixes per original track, making a total of 6 bangers. Finding you something for every taste; eclectic, dark, powerful, and groovy. Sit back, relax and… enjoy the ride!

We’re happy to share Ewan Pearson’s Remix of Red Room with you here today.

Moderna Y Theus Mago – Pesos Not Besos Remix EP [Side UP Works]
Remixes by Ewan Pearson, Cabaret Nocturne, Justin Robertson, Martin Noise, Odd Oswald, Sara Zinger Release date: 4th of December // Pre-Order

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