The Hard Fist label notches up release number five from a fresh new family member in the form of Mr TC, with remixes from Lokier and Khidja.

At the forefront of the Glaswegian music scene, Mr TC moves through genres from new wave to post punk, industrial, disco and tropical oddities. He plays mesmeric live shows with synths, drum machines and guitars. This EP— which is an allusion to the origins of trippy dance music—is his first solo effort since 2016 and takes you to the void of space, seeking freedom from moral prohibitions and standards, refuge from sexual and gender prejudice, exile from oppression, and aims to rupture aesthetic boundaries.

Lokier steps up with a remix for Depth Gauge that is undeniably mental, mixing dark wave, IDM and breakbeats. Hard Fist BPMs have never been so fast than here, as Lokier brings a feeling of distress and pushes the limits with an open heart and closed fist.

This is perfectly pumping club music with a menacing heart of real human emotions.

“The Depths Of Haze” is available 27 January on Hard Fist Records

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