Quarter Series label boss Nachtbraker finally makes his solo debut on the imprint last year’s successful Heist Recordings release.

Known for exploring different sounds and angles with his productions, this record is his most club-orientated to date. Intricate ghetto house with a slight French touch to straight up 4×4 with a pinch of jacking flavour would be an accurate description of this release. The use of 90’s hip hop samples within this auditory concoction successfully highlights Nachtbraker’s excellent ear for detail and penchant for exciting, eclectic and downright weird changeovers.

Here, the EPs B-side – ‘Kippendijen’ is a House heavyweight with glimpses of the early days of jacking House and a little French touch on the filter.

“Small Towel People” is available 5 March on Quartet Series PRE ORDER

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